Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's, Like, A Pre-Christmas Miracle!

I confess, I cheated on you. I went to blogspot, I went to live journal. But I have come back to Wordpress. What can I say? Perhaps it was unmet needs, perhaps the other grass just looked greener. Maybe it was a mid-life crisis. I did change my name to the uber cool new one, Melisse Aires. I'll keep the blogspot because it embeds so easily into my website. That reminds me, I was going to redo my website. but not now! I'm busy. I have PLANS!

I signed up for nanowrimo, and it has been helpful in that I got more than half of a rough written in the third story of my Sons of the Protectorate futuristic series. I now know where the story goes and have a working outline.

But somewhere along the nano, I felt the urge to edit a requested full I had put away this fall, with all my health issues, hubby's ankle surgery, the elections, health insurance woes, evil monkeys who want my money, and general chaos. But I got the urge to whip it into shape, and it is coming along!

Talk about wild universal syncronicity. Magick. Karma. I had no more started slogging through the edits when the editor who requested it months ago emailed me, wondering if I was still interested in submitting it! It's like, A pre-Christmas Miracle!

As far as reading, for me it is All Christmas All The Time. I picked books by their Christmassy covers:

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