Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dreamtime plotting

I woke up early this morning but since I didn't sleep well last night I decided to go back to sleep.

I have this novel with a block, and couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. I love the futuristic setting, I love my heroine's was my hero. He morphed from Alpha Military Good Guy into Alpha Jerk in ONE SCENE!

This morning I dreamed that scene (except his hair was all wrong, it is supposed to be in dreadlocks but in my dream it was more like Prince Valiant's). I got deep pov from the hero, which the story lacked.

Isn't that wild--this is not the story I've been working on recently, though I do think about it a lot.

Fellow Author Pimpage!

I met one of Firedrakes Weyr's fellow authors, Devon Ellington, on a group recently, and checked out her short story available in an online magazine. It was so good I have to let you all know of a quality free read:
The Merry's Dalliance:

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