Friday, June 27, 2008

Writing-- Career or Hobby?

My writing is a source of both delight and frustration to me.

I think my biggest issues are time and indecision.

Time is obviously a problem since I'm a full time working mom. There are times where my priorities cannot be writing. Also my writing physical set up is not the best. In a small house with a family of five it is hard to find peace and quiet! Lucky for my writing I spent many years teaching preschool and am great at tuning out ordinary conversations.

But indecision is the bigger problem. What should i work on now? Who should I sub to? Should I invest more work into this publisher, or that publisher, or try to get in with Stupendous EPublisher? Should I go for that series? Would anyone buy that high fantasy with not really humans?

I think too much. Some things I just can't know. Sometimes I wait for a green light that will never come.

I do know there is no sure thing or magic formula to writing success. Yet still I hesitate!

I think this issue is what I really need to get to work on!

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