Friday, March 21, 2014

SFFS A Fantasy Romance Excerpt

This is an excerpt from my WIP short Bridal Faire that will come out this summer with the Romance Diva Antho. I have other stories in this fantasy World, The Halfman Realms, and hope to get several out in the next year.

                                   More SFFS Snippets *Here*

 She turned and looked behind her. The old lady that generally sat back in the shade was nowhere near.
“Can I azk ye zometing?”
“Vat are ye?” She raised her arms and did a little flap move.

It was cute. He grinned. “I'm a gryphentaur. Wings and clawed cat feet of a gryphen. Like buns have ears and feet of a rabbit, fauns have ears and feet of a goat.”
She nodded. “Vere I am from zhere are only bun, faun and zentaur.”

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