Saturday, January 26, 2013

Out of Breath

I meant to get signed up for SFFS last night but hubby and I went running around. Did a bunch of boring housework and am ready to get into Starwoman. The next five scenes are a roller coaster of happenings! I'd like to get a couple of them done this weekend.

Starwoman's Sanctuary is fast paced and that has caused some romantic issues. 

In Alien Blood Gemma and Kellac have quiet days together on the savannahs of their wilderness planet. 

In Her Cyborg Awakes, Sabralia and Kaistril have time alone aboard a luxury space cruiser. Time to get to know each other intimately. 

But poor Skyleen and Kyler are surrounded by an entire ship of evacuees, including orphans and elderly spacers--all with too many needs--plus dangers from slavers, unknown jump steams, scanty food supplies. Not to mention the invasion armada that forced them to flee Katherine Hub in the first place. And what about that bird alien, Krishal, with his potentially deadly protective body parts? He's a complete unknown.


  1. Looking forward to this book and love the cover!

  2. I like the cover too--my 'theme' being model Jimmy Thomas!

    My final book for the series(the four brothers, I have a few related books but decided the deries will have a different but related name) will be in green, the heroine has long red hair. :)

  3. I'm sure the 4th cover is going to be just as pretty as the first 3. How can you go wrong with a red head on the cover!