Sunday, June 9, 2019

~*Bridal Faire*~ Fantasy Romance Release!

New Release! So far it's live on Kobo and Nook!
Amazon preorder for 6-15
Wizarding student Adler has to find a bride at the annual Bridal Faire!

Bridal Faire is set in my fantasy world, Realms of Glister. Orc in Winter is set in the Realms, also. 

Excerpt: “Can I ask you zometing?”
“Vat are you?” She raised her arms and did a little flap move.
It was cute. He grinned. “I'm a griffintaur. Wings and clawed feet of a griffin. Like buns have ears and feet of a rabbit, and fauns have ears and feet of a goat.”
She nodded. “Vere I am from zhere are only bun, faun, zentaur. Sirens, mermaids and Fairy, alzo.”
“Oh. Are you from across the sea? The Three Realms?”
“No. I am from farzzer south. The desert lands along the Southern Sea coast. Zareemjarem it is called.”
“That is a very long way from here.”
She nodded and gave a wistful smile. “Yes, so far from home.”
“My name is Adler.”
The girl smiled her deep dimples and blinding white teeth making her a stunning sight. “Ayperi.”
The old faun woman returned and screeched at the girl. “Girl, get me a fresh bucket of water! This has been sitting for hours! Scoot!” The old woman smacked at Ayperi as she rushed away with the bucket. The old woman smelled worse than the open ditches.
That poor girl. Sounded like her employer was mean. Something wrong with that old hag. Adler stuck around for a little while, eating from different vendors, but Ayperi was busy with baskets and the old faun woman didn't leave the booth. He finally went back to his room.

I've been writing in this world for years but haven't published much. The first sale I ever had, Faunication, was in an erotic romance antho back in 2005! In that story I introduce buntaurs, faun-like people with rabbit parts instead of goat parts. In Bridal Faire, my hero Adler is a griffintaur, with wings and feet of a griffin. My heroine Ayperi is from a distant land, and is part sea siren, part desert fae.

I have several stories in the works set in this world. Some are close to the finish line! Some future titles:

Wild at Heart:  Travelers on the road share the journey to freedom and love.

High Haven:  Mallowrose, a buntaur, is sent to the distant mountains because of the civil war in her country, The Three Realms. 

Fauntasy: Tip, a buntaur, and Sylina, a faun, are expecting a baby—and that is forbidden in The Three Realms since they are not the same Kind. Imprisonment will probably be a death sentence for Sylina. They escape to a wilderness across the sea.

King of Emrysdell: Siblings with an Earth mother and a royal Emrysdell father decide to leave modern earth. They perform a  midwinter portal ritual—and it works!

LeatherwingsDomhnall, a prince, and Farli, the granddaughter of Black Sorcerer Garvino, are kidnapped, bewitched into flying squirrel-like bodies, and caged. They must escape and try to restore stability to their land. But there are complications.  Four Leatherwing kits.

There are more, actually, but these are all half to three quarters finished.

As a child I LOVED Narnia, and I also loved Middle Earth. So I made my own world to play in. Only with romance and some spicy scenes!


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