Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 30 We Wr Wa: Orc in WInter

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Fiona checked the orc, who began to wake. His eyes, Morwenna was surprised to note, were the same hazel green as the Queen’s, rimmed in dark lashes.
“Good morning, cousin Sherrow,“ Queen Tadame said to the orc.  “We have you safely hidden for now, and Goddess willing, will move you north out of harm's way in a few short days.”
The orc grimaced. “It was my job to protect you, Tad. Not be coddled like yon babe.”
“You will one day be at full strength and protect me again. This is but for a season.” She raised her eyebrows at him.  “If it was a sword wound you would not fuss so much.”
Sherrow scowled. “Honey bread pudding. I was laid low by a sweet.”

My excerpt is from a short Fantasy Romance story coming out this week at 0.99, Orc in Winter, under an altered pen name, M. Locklyn Aires. It is set in a  series called The Everlands.


  1. Ha! Nothing manly about honey bread pudding bringing a warrior down. :-) Well done!

  2. That last line was unexpected. :-) I love the name Morwenna.

  3. Interesting and intriguing! Can't wait to learn more, love your cover!

  4. LOL! Laid low by junk food. How humility for a warrior. Nice touch of humor, Melisse!

  5. An orc who's a romantic hero? You're a brave writer!

  6. How embarrassing, to be caught out snacking! Great snippet. I'm curious to learn more about the relationship between those two.

  7. LOL about the snack. Good snippet. Can't wait to read more.