Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Superhero and Sci-fi Romance Sale!

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My Entry is ALIEN BLOOD. Here is a little bit about the story.

Alien Blood is actually the first book I wrote in the Diaspora Worlds Series, and it started out as a 10k short in an antho that never saw the light of day. After that publisher #fail  I wrote Her Cyborg Awakes about one of the other brothers in the family of the four sons of the Protectorate of New Prague, Judith. I thought it mght be hard to re-contract Alien Blood (this was before self publishing became a thing, back when small digital romance publishers were everywhere.) Her Cyborg Awakes came out and I finished Alien Blood...but the publisher I found was again a huge issue (bat crap crazy) and I went through a painful process of getting rights back for Her Cyborg Awakes, while Alien Blood just sat there on the computer.

Eventually I self published Her Cyborg Awakes,  followed by Alien Blood, and later, Starwoman's Sanctuary. Escaping Poison finished the original series.
A new story, actually with two minor characters from Alien Blood, will be out this summer, Cyborg Defective.

Alien Blood is a survival story, and for me it is pretty symbolic of the volatile nature of digital publishing. My Hero and Heroine had to be flexible and wily to win the day, so do authors!  

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