Sunday, January 1, 2017



It has been a couple years since I wrote something longer than a novelette. I have an immune condition that seems to flare up every three or four years, the flare can last two or more years. Yuck. Slows me down in all areas of life. But, through sheer luck-- since nothing in my lifestyle seems to make it better, though lots of things make it worse!-- I have made it through several months with no breathing issues beyond typical asthma. I can live with that!

I'm going to continue my Diaspora Worlds Series! This is a book I've been planning for a long time, but now I have an actual outline, characters, setting. A real plan!

I'm not promising to crank it out in a couple months, but I think late spring is workable. My working title is Cyborg Defective.

I have other writing projects, but want to concentrate on the Cyborgs!

In an attempt to simplify my online life, I am switching from the emailed newsletters to a Facebook group:

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