Sunday, December 4, 2016

December News, Ho Ho Ho and Freebie!

I have been a bit absent from Writing World. The election was crazy, followed by an illness that swept through the house. All is well--and it is December!

Hubby and I decided to take a chunk out of savings and do some home renovations, with a view of moving south. We haven't decided for sure where, Fort Collins/Loveland, CO, area is a top runner. I was also offered a job move to Arizona, so that is a possibility. We don't need to decide right away because we have a list of home repairs and renovations to do to our little old house that will take months. Eek!

But in Writing News:  A RELEASE

I have a short winter fantasy story, Orc in Winter, out soon in the Romance Diva Antho:

Then, during election week I buried myself in Photoshop and this resulted:

ESCAPING POISON is currently free! 
A proper, New Prague Society marriage leads to a dangerous escapade in the alien jungle of New Prague, The Big Poison. Of course, they head for the beach! A stand alone Sci-fi Romance in the Diaspora Worlds Series.

In my plans, I am working on a Cyborg book in the Diaspora Worlds Series. Dooley, a transport pilot introduced in Alien Blood wakes up a cyborg on the planet of Arden. A defective cyborg. He needs to hide in plain sight, or he is going to be destroyed as a defective. A cyborg woman he once had a crush on is there on Arden. 
Am thinking the title might be Cyborg, Defective. Hmmm

Also have a Starlander story started, it is definitely Sci-fantasy.

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