Sunday, September 11, 2016

Old Book, New Cover!

I made a new cover for an old book:

This is an erotic romance  that has fantasy elements-- Guardian Angels, demons, magic. Modern angels have left the Earth and created their own perfect place, the Overland. Long ago when the angels lived on Earth, angel Rahmiel was bound to a deadly famine demon since he was able to defeat it.. When Kari accidentally calls forth the demon,( doing a weight loss spell!) he is suddenly released from the ice prison he was thrown into ages ago.

This was published many years ago and went through the Triskleion bankruptcy, which left a certain newbie writer floundering around for a while! It was later with another publisher that went belly up (taking a year's worth of royalties with them). So I am happy I can self publish it now. It might be a small unknown romance in a vast sea of books, but when I do get a sale, I actually get paid for it! I think I will put it in print because--pretty!

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