Monday, August 15, 2016

August News!

Pure Escapism News
August 15, 2016

Release Day!!
August 16th

Lonely single mother Odessa contacts her former lover, Veras, the man she never got over. It seems he never got over her, either.  He is leaving the spaceport in a short time for medical school on a distant planet. Traveling so far is a one-way trip; they know they have no future together. They will enjoy the the few days they have. But why are they attacked by drones?
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Book Signing and SFR Panel
I will be at the Fort Collins Comic Con on August 27th and 28th! Author friend Carol Van Natta and I will sign books from 2-4 pm Saturday. On Sunday we are doing a panel on Scifi Romance!


I have a short Diaspora Worlds story in an Antho!12888589_1580273298966613_3808076883181769742_o.jpg
My story is called Cyborg Security.
With eight short stories of romance and adventure, you're sure to find a happily ever after. From space pirates to cyborgs, alien planets to psi sex, we've got you covered at every heat level.
New to Science Fiction Romance? This collection is the perfect introduction! Lots of romance balanced by sci-fi elements. Strap yourself in, fire the boosters, and enjoy your transport to our futuristic worlds!

The Portals Project is here!

Four Free volumes of Sci-fi Romance First Chapters! This an easy way for readers to check out SFR authors and find great books!
The Volumes are heat level collections. My chapter is in Volume 2, the HOT volume!
Check out our Facebook Group for Current information!


New Covers!
I wanted more space elements.

new covers.jpg

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