Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SFR SNIPPET The Rigelis Dream

I had a wild dream recently that seemed like a great SFR story, so I wrote it down. Just an idea....

The oracle moved to the high throne on the stage. The assembly before her of the leaders of the peoples of their world looked serious and there was very little chatter. She saw her son Argentael, the first Silver born in a millennium, seated in the back, his shining metallic silver hair and greater size making him stand out in the crowd.
“The Oracle speaks, “ she said, and the entire assembly fell silent. “Dark times are upon us. The planet Gaz is no more, as a super weapon removed its atmosphere. Only a few thousand of the Gaz remain. The planet Serene is gone, again leaving just a handful of survivors. The Vargash are ruthless and unstoppable. We too will fall.”
She paused as the Assembly reacted with cries and sobs, while some yelled in anger.
“It is time for an exodus. Our planet was weakened by hundreds of years of deep mining, long ago. We are vulnerable. In secret we of the Council have built ships in deep space, bioships that will serve all our people. The evacuation will begin tomorrow.”
There was a roar from the assembly.
“We will not move aimlessly through the deep. Our scouts found a wormhole that will take us out to the outer edge of the galaxy, to planets unknown. One will become Caem, sanctuary.
“We should stay and fight!” Commander Fells broke protocol and leaped up out of his seat.
“When our people are safe, we can talk war. You will not defeat the Vargash at this time. And any delay could mean the deaths of all.”
The Assembly was silent.
She stood. “I invoke the Rigelis. It will choose our Ryol, our leader in a time of great need.”
Gasps and quickly drawn breaths filled the auditorium.
A crystal crown with two curved horns appeared. The Rigelis had not been seen since the earliest days of recorded history. Many thought it was a myth or had been lost eons ago.
“The Rigelis will only choose a Ryol to lead us to Caem if we as a body choose this day to accept the choice and pledge our loyalty to the new Ryol.”
“We have not had a ruler for a thousand years!”sputtered a councilman. “We rule by Council.”
“We will still have a council, working under the Ryol.”
The assembly murmured. She waited for silence.
"Silence now,” the oracle spoke. “I will call for the vote in one minute. Think of our future. Choose wisely.”

“Will you as a people pledge your loyalty to the new Ryol, to be chosen this day by the Rigelis? Answer yea or nay.” She raised her hand swiftly in sharp demand.
Yea,” spread through the assembly. If there was dissent, it was not heard.
At the assent a golden glow surrounded the crystal horned crown and then exploded, filling the room with golden sparkles.
“The Rigelis will now examine the population for a heart of the Ryol. It will rest above the Chosen’s head. The Chosen must accept the calling by placing the crown upon his head. Once that is done, the crown will never leave him or her. Until death.”
The Rigelis floated through the rows, never pausing. It got to the back rows and came to a halt over the head of Argentael, He rose and placed the hovering crown onto his head.

“I accept the Rigelis. I am Ryol Argentael.”

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