Sunday, July 10, 2016

Other Worlds Summer Bloghop

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Other Worlds

As a Sci-fi romance author I am drawn to other worlds in an imagined future. My upcoming release, STARS BETWEEN US, is a novella in my Love on the Space Frontier series.

This series is a collection of stand alone romances set in  Space Western, Steampunk, Victorian inspired world, where an alternative earth begins colonizing planets in space in an 1880's inspired universe.


STARS BETWEEN US takes place on a huge station deep in space, a nearly lawless place used by commercial shipping businesses, immigrants and military interests. They purchase, jumps through a natural wormhole controlled by the station to reach distant planets. With a population of millions, all manner of stranded immigrants, organized criminals, smugglers, and business owners survive there. Some spend their entire lives on the station.

My hero, Veras, comes from a wealthy merchant family on the station. Heroine Odessa was a homeless child and became a dance hall girl in her teens, where she developed a common intoxicant habit. They meet again after a long time apart, knowing they will soon be separated as Veras leaves the station for a distant planet.


Veras was standing outside  The Bread Bowl, a small cafe known for its homemade breads from many worlds. His glorious hair, brown with caramel highlights, curled on his neck  and picked up glints from the colored lights of ships docking far above them, visible through the large window in this section of the station. He wore a dark green vest and coat that showed his flat stomach and square shoulder.
Odessa felt self conscious in her tan work clothes, a fitted jacket that flared out from the waist over a plain skirt that ended above the ankle, showing her sturdy, thick trousers and work boots, the same as what the men wore on the dock. Back when they were together she’d worn synth-silk and spangles, low cut, with skirts slit up one side to show off her legs. Her hair was nice, though, since she’d taken a moment to redo her twist, leaving the bottom half to hang down her back in a golden wave. Garnet was awake and getting ready to fuss, since this was her meal time, legs and arms thrashing about in her baby seat. Not the cool, sophisticated image she would have liked to project. Her heart pounded so hard she felt it in her inner ears. “Veras.”
Veras whipped around, eyes wide, and then he smiled, those white, straight teeth and deep dimples took Odessa’s breath away. She almost felt like crying... She had never expected to see Veras again among the huge population of Starhaven. They didn’t move in the same circles or live on the same levels.
“Odessa.” Always more physical, Veras pulled her into an awkward embrace, since Odessa still held Garnet’s seat by its handle. The warmth of his body against her erased any words of greeting. She slid her free hand up and down his back assuring herself he was really here with her after all this time. She blinked away tears. This was no place for an emotional moment. He’d think she was crazy, desperate.


  1. Thanks for sharing your excerpt. Sounds like an interesting book :)

  2. Space stations are such wonderful opportunities for drama, aren't they? Such a fun read. Love the description of his hair.

  3. I agree with the above -- this sounds cool. I'm struck by your hero's name, as I (occasionally) play in concert band led by a conductor named Veras, although it's his last name.

  4. I love the descriptions of his hair too! I could see him in that moment. Very nice. :)

  5. A lawless space station? That would make for all kinds of fascinating stories. :)

  6. A great description of the characters through their actions.

  7. Love the cover!

    Has anyone mentioned yet how much like Emma Watson your heroine looks? That's not a bad thing, either!



  8. It sounds pretty Wild West! Are there saloons or places like them?

  9. Space stations are such fun locations and the pull of old love...very nice!

  10. Omg, I love the mix of 1880s and future here! I've always loved the cover for this book and hearing the background for it really brings it all into focus.

  11. Nice excerpt, thank you for sharing.