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About the Heroine: Her Cyborg Awakes

Diaspora Worlds Series~ 
Four Brothers,Four Adventures to Love

Book One, Her Cyborg Awakes is Free!

Sabralia has been in my life for years. I first started writing Her Cyborg Awakes in 2006 while I recovered from a nasty illness. I didn't finish her story then--I got better, got a new day job...I got back to it a couple years later. It was first published under the title Cybot Awakens. Then there were a couple years where I worked to extract the book contract and republish. While I was waiting in a queue with a publisher, I decided to put it up on Amazon As Her Cyborg Awakes. It sold well and is now the first of a series which I plan to continue in 2017.

Meet the Heroine:

Sabralia was raised as a hereditary Queen on an agricultural world, Coulon. Warlord Emporer Sirn came into her life when she was a teenager. Sirn's army, like all armies, needed provisions and the planet of Coulon struck a deal with him. One part of the deal was Sabralia as a contract wife. 

Sirn has a retreat planet, Jewel, where Sabralia-- not a favored wife-- has private rooms in the Harem. Due to her status she also has a handsome cyborg servant, Qy. She has no duties or responsibilities except to please Sirn on his rare visits. Most of the Harem girls are former sex workers or dancers, and Sabralia avoids the drama. She has  freedom to wander the beach, which is lovely. For the most part her life is boring and lonely, with no purpose but to please Sirn when he is around.

 Where Her Life Changes:

Her gown arrived in triplicate, so she could wear a fresh gown each day of the feast and be easily recognized by the Commanders who fancied her. Too bad the beauty was all for the enjoyment of men who would just use her. Rape her.

Sabralia couldn’t breathe. She had to get outside. “Come, let us walk by the sea. I would like to splash a little,” she said when Qy finished with her raiment. “It is a lovely day.” She made her voice deliberately cheerful. If she didn’t get outside for a while she was afraid she would break down into tears, and that would be reported to Alfyt.

Down by the water she could think—think of a way to avoid being raped by the Emperor’s finest. And if she cried a few tears, the ocean water would disguise it. She slipped into a simple swim tunic and thin leggings and Qy accompanied her down her private stairs to the sandy beach.

The palace was on a hill overlooking a wide bay. Long stretches of white sand contrasted with the pristine blue green waters of the sea. This was a beautiful world, with a warm climate and abundant forests and meadows. It would be an ideal agricultural world, but Sirn had not opened it to colonists, and none of the native life forms were sentient. Sirn only used it for military installations and his palace. Sirn held hunting parties now and then, and the dangerous beasts had been removed from the palace and spaceport area. The women of the Common Harem did not have access to this section of beach because it stretched close to the spaceport, and Sirn did not want them distracting his men. But she had been deemed not a security risk to the spaceport. She’d been married to Sirn since her teen years and had no military or spacecraft education, nor was she flirtatious as far as their records indicated.

A wonderful, scary idea came to her as she floated, letting a gentle wave glide her to shore. The beach! That was the answer!

Alfyt and the cyborgs would be tremendously busy during the feast. She would tell Qy to prepare a luxurious pallet, with food and drink, at her special place on the beach, because one of the Commanders wanted to be entertained outdoors, by the sea. Later she would lie and tell Qy her man had visited while Qy was at his nightly maintenance—her mind raced with the plan. She would hide on the beach until the feast ended and the Commanders left

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