Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SFR News! Teaser Tuesday

A release this month! June 28th! It is on pre-order now, only .99. 


Domingo closed his eyes and counted to ten. “We sleep on this. We tell no one. Blevin, seriously, no one, unless you want your mom to end up in prison. I’ll do some research.  Don’t you do any research. I have security to keep my research private, your’s can be traced.”
Aerria nodded and he sent a pointed glance at Blevin, who also nodded.
“We’ll talk tomorrow. Blevin, stay home from tutoring tomorrow so your mother can meet me and make plans. Can you come to my pod right after breakfast?” He asked Aerria.
“Yes.” Aerria looked like she might faint. Or maybe kiss him hard if Blevin wasn’t here.
“Not a word. To anyone.”
He fled.

New Novella, on preorder now for an August 16, 2016 release date:

Meet Odessa, a woman with a past:

Odessa  couldn’t sleep, not after the meeting with Captain Fuller, leader of the New Landers. She now had to prove she was committed to immigration by marrying.
“Land packages look for families, Odessa. Not young women with a child. They want fertile couples, committed to building communities. It is time for you to marry. Think of your child.”
He had a handful of single men for her to consider, but it would never work. Odessa was still in love with someone lost to her, someone with family who didn’t approve of a dancer with glazed eyes. They’d broken up a month before Garnet was  conceived. In fact, weeks of wild partying following the break up is how Odessa forgot to renew her fertility control medication.
You’d think I would be over Veras by now. But Odessa still longed for him. No one else held any interest for her.  
Finding out she was pregnant had been the wake-up call she needed. A charity clinic gave her protective drugs, drug addiction treatment, and counseling. She’d grabbed it. They helped her find work in the costume shop of a popular theater while she was pregnant, and helped her prepare for the employment exam for dock workers.
Somehow, she’d been blessed with Garnet.  Her poor body, ravaged by years of drug use, was weak, but she took the injections to protect the baby, and Garnet had been born well, but so tiny. She was still tiny and delicate at four months.
Tomorrow Odessa would start making secret plans.They would need a new place to live. Odessa wished there was a  way she could get the credits back that she’d put in the New Landers account. Oh well.

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