Sunday, April 24, 2016

Writing News and an Excerpt

Writing ...

I have been dealing with out of control asthma for months now, to the point the meds I'm on are making complications. I am hoping the warmer weather will help clear this up, even though it is spring allergy time. Maybe this will be  a summer with no close forest fires, that happens sometimes!

Sadly this has made an impact on my writing, also my day job, the laundry, and anything resembling a social life. But eventually we will get over this flare.

I have a short story to get out to beta readers. It is set in the Diaspora Worlds Universe but in a completely new setting, a teeming urban planet called Jiang. I did a lot of research for this on the city of Shanghai. I may be spending more time on Jiang in future works.

My short story starts with the actions of a precocious child:

Aboard the interstellar research vessel Fair Discovery situated in observational orbit around planet Pilori, Star: Beta Canum Venaticorum

Four hours—that was all Aerria needed to finish a huge project her team had been working on for many months. Unfortunately she had no tutor today for her daughter.  
“Janna, I must get this finished, so I need you to stay in your room until lunch. I know it is a long time, but I got you two new vids and a new box full of playclay and a set of toy villagers who resemble the people you have been observing for your Interstellar Relations class. And I do expect you to do your homework. It is all review. Elodi will be here if you need anything.”
The small disc-robo, Elodi, zipped into Janna’s small, colorful room.
“Elodi will serve you a snack at ten.”
Janna sighed. "All right, Mom. But when you are done, can we swim? With toys?”
Aerria smiled. “Of course we can. As long as you want.” Aeria kissed her small daughter and closed herself in her  office.

Janna couldn’t believe her luck! The flight line was a nice straight one—Fair Discovery was in the perfect position for her plans! Janna turned to Elodi. “Override the daily instructions. Code: Janna the Boss.”
“Override accepted.”
“You new orders are to assure Aerria that all is well, Janna is playing nicely with her playclay, Janna is watching vids from Chen Chen Children's Network. You will not tell her I have left for a lower level of the pod.”
“Yes, Janna the Boss.”
“Now, go get me a snack for two, packed for a picnic.”
“Yes, Janna the boss.” The disc flew off to the galley.

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