Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Share from Cyborg Security

I have short coming out in an antho, TBA later! But it is lots of fun. It is set in the Diaspora Worlds on an Interstellar Observation Station, which is studying a planet that will soon have space flight. 

It was an hour before Blevin got home from his study group. By the time he arrived Aerria was a wreck.
“Blevin, you need to see this right now.” She turned her com screen, showing a view of Janna’s room with Janna asleep in her bed and Olvar asleep on the couch.
“Who is that?” He looked close. “That kid has Piloran hair!”
“He is Piloran. His name is Olvar.” She wrung her hands.
“How did he get here?” Blevin at fourteen towered over her but he looked at her with huge eyes and flopped bonelessly into the chair.
“Janna took the Doodle Bug. That is the boy she was studying for her interstellar class project.”
“She kidnapped him?”
“Well, technically, she rescued him. He was abused. His poor little back is covered in bruises from a beating.”
“And she just went and got him!”
“Yes. Plus it gets worse—”
“— How could it possibly get worse? It is a violation of the First Statute!”
“I know, I know.  But while they were on the Doodle Bug they recite betrothal vows and put on the bracelets. They were in Free Space. The contract is binding.”
Blevin banged his head on the desk.
“I just don’t know what to do.”
Blevin leaped up, brown hair flopping into his eyes. “I’m getting Shan.” He rushed to the door. “Not on the com. I’m going to his quarters. No real records that way.”
Aerria squeezed her eyes shut. Shan. “All right.”
“I know you don’t like him, Mom, but he was Dad’s best friend and he’s from Mercia, too. Plus he is head of security. He’ll help us.” Blevin left.

Or arrest me.

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