Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Worlds Away Excerpt

An Excerpt from WORLDS AWAY, an M/M SFR, coming out under pen name Sheridan Aires. Poor Sheridan does not have a blog yet.

WIP cover

Parker had made a huge mistake. Enormous, life altering. And it could hurt his daughter. How could he have been so stupid?
Parker rolled over on his narrow bed and looked at Poppy by the light above the exit door. She was on her back, in a lilac and lace blanket suit, sleeping like the angel she was. So precious. His heart clenched in his chest.
He could not raise her around these people. This so called ‘movement’. The New Landers, with all their big sounding plans to get the followers off the Adelaide Spaceport and away to a thriving immigrant community on an open planet, was just a scam. There was no land package savings fund. He had to get away.

They didn’t think much of him, the little orphan kid, the recovering drug addict, saddled with a baby. He looked younger than he was, though, so they underestimated him. He was actually twenty four but with his small, slender build and overlong hair, people assumed he was a teenager. A stupid kid, easy to use. 
But he’d been raised, if it could be called that, in the lower levels, the utility corridors and maintenance catwalks of Adelaide Spaceport, a dock rat. Not quite so naive as they thought, especially now he was off the drugs and thinking clearly all the time. He’d spent his childhood scrambling for a credit, running errands for old intoxicated spacers and whores in the dance saloons. He’d been lucky Old Warren had a com, and taught him how to use it. He’d been able to hack into training manuals and eventually got a job on the dock.
The New Lander leaders had him do com maintenance for free. He'd seen far more than they realized.

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