Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Teaser Tuesday New WIP Diaspora Worlds

So all the national politics is playing out and I have been thinking of immigrants. I'm a mutt, all kinds of Western European ancestry with some NA thrown in there also. Diaspora Worlds is a migration universe, Terrans spreading out to inhabitable planets in the distant future( a thousand years from now, basically). 

I got involved in a freebie flash fiction antho so needed a 1k story, and decided to set it with 'worker bees'. Not wealthy or powerful, not kick ass. Hard working immigrants trying to find a place to call home. A sweet little story unfolded, and since I wrote it another, longer SFR dealing with older sister Milori is marching into my brain.

Here is a short excerpt of Blight Star, Bright Star, the flash fiction prelude to Milori's story (untitled for now).

Manufacturing Position, Anslem Shipping, New Prague

Skill Test  *Required for employment
1400 hour  GSM 9.4  Communal Hall 2771a, Level 2000, Pickersty Hub. 400 test openings.

Required for Employment:
Legal Age 17
Skill test score of 80%.
Pass medical physical. Disability may not be a deterrent for hire depending on positions available.
No criminal history on background check.
Signed attestation for industrial practices non-share, non-compete contract.


  • Families with dependent children hired based on availability of housing and services required.
  • Transport provided on hire and transport back to place of hire on work termination.
  • Salary starting at 20000 galactic standard credit per galactic standard month. Advancement opportunities.
  • Housing, uniforms, two meals per work day, full medical for worker and dependents, child care and schooling for dependent children. 
  • New Prague citizenship available with application on fulfillment of three month trial period.
  • No DNA test required.

   It sounded like a dream job. Well, except for the New Prague part. She heard it was industrial and not very scenic. Not that Pickersty Hub was scenic, not for hub rats like her. Some of the wealthy sections were pretty nice, but security chased low level workers like her away.
   She’d have to blow off Chin Sun’s to take the test. Oh well, if they fired her she would apply at some other restaurant. Someone was always hiring.
   Demaia Xiarr captured the holo to keep on her armcom. This sounded perfect. She squashed any excitement. Opportunity didn’t often come to Hub rats, kids abandoned on the Hub to raise themselves with the help of overworked Starwomen. No point getting too excited.
   She was, though.
   Thinking of that, she jogged to the Sanctuary and burst inside. She hadn’t been inside the common room since she graduated four years ago, but it was just the same, crowded with old folk sitting on benches, children on the floor. Sister Lorleen was serving morning porridge in hot tubes. “Demaia, how nice to see you!” 
   “Thank you, Sister. I dropped by to give you this. They are taking kids age seventeen!”

   Sister Lorleen perused the holo. “I will get the word out. Get there early, Demaia, camp out if you have to. Milori, too. I will watch the baby! You want to be in the four hundred. In fact, I will organize so all the Sanctuary applicants can stand together. Safer that way.”

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