Thursday, November 5, 2015

SFR Brigade Showcase November

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My November 15 release, Alien Invasion, 1954, will be available for pre-order this weekend!

 Debbie Sue and her small nephew Bobby survive the deadly alien invasion by hiding in the root cellar. Weeks later an alien captures her as she gathers food. Akarak, the alien from planet Vinshal, is large, tailed, spiked, and tentacled. He is learning English, promises no harm, and enjoys roast beef. He also is interested in having an affair with her. He says it will bring him good health.
Debbie Sue wonders if that is a line.

Warning:This a sci-fi romance novella. This book contains sexy times, a non human alien hero, small dogs, children, and a heroine who wears skirts, bakes bread and mimeographs.

The next evening when Akarak came for supper she noticed he had a slight limp.
“Did you hurt your foot?”
“Akarak drop heavy tool.”
“Ouch.” There was no ice. “The stream is cold, maybe you should soak your foot.”
“Debbie Sue and Bobbee come to ssstream?”
“Sure, it will be fun.”
It was fun. Bobby didn’t care for the cold water but there was a small sandy bank and he discovered digging with a rock. She sat next to him and watched as Akarak soaked his foot in the cold water. The sun was low in the west and when he turned the scales, more prominent on his back, glittered.
“Akakak pitty.” Bobby made baby grabby hands at Akarak’s scales.
Akarak looked at Bobby. “He learn sspeach.”
“Yes. He thinks your scales are pretty. They shine in the sun.”
“Baby learn much?”
“He will but he will be a child for many years, with many things to learn.”
“Children alone in Denverrr. Vinshal take food. Need big ooman.”
“You know where some children are?”
“Maybe we can find people in town, help them.”
“Yass. People fear Vinshal.”
“They do.”
“Does Debbie Sue fear Vinshal? Fear Akarak?”
“No. I don’t fear you.”
The sky was darker now and a chill was coming on. “I’d better get Bobby ready for bed.”
They walked to the house, the dogs running around, Bobby slumped over her shoulder, half asleep. Debbie Sue made a decision.
“Bobby will fall asleep as soon as he hits the bed. He won't wake. If- if you'd like you can stay downstairs while I put him to bed, then I will bring you up to a bedroom.” Her mouth was dry as she spoke. “We could start, er, an affair.”
Of course he wouldn’t know that word. “Sex,” she blurted out.

“Ah. Yass.” His tentacles waved wildly.

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  1. Tentacles don't usually do it for me but Akarak seems like a real sweetie :)

  2. Tentacles? Congratulations on doing the near impossible: making tentacles sexy.

  3. I like Akarak, Debbie Sue is certainly brave! Enjoyed the excerpt!

  4. LOL! An absolutely delightful excerpt, Melisse. I can see the tentacles waving.