Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SFR Group Teaser Tuesday

Here is a small excerpt from Red World, a SFR set on Earth after and invasive plant species with deadly pollen has changed life.

Lark rinsed out her tattered underwear and put her clothes back on. She scooted the kids closer together and flopped down next to them. Her body was exhausted. They’d left the house hours before dawn. Bryce had helped them find their way through the dense twisted New Forest by climbing up high and setting their direction to what used to be the downtown area of Wichita, where many of the high rise buildings still stood. Once in awhile they found segments of streets to follow, but most of the day had been spent climbing over and under the wild, thick branches of the red trees.

It was hard to sleep, though. She fell into a kind of dream of all her worries about living alone with the children. Packs of carnivorous lizards—pretty much wiped out of the area by the human hunters and flyers—kept her tossing around on the mattress. Soon the human hunters would be out of ammunition…could the lizards be killed by arrows? And soon she would be out of food. Her garden wasn’t doing well…Trevor only ate meat…

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