Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Covers!

I decided to revamp my covers on my Diaspora Worlds Series.  Some of the covers were 3 years old, and times have changed!  Yes, I went with chesticles, but not headless chesticles! I watched the SFR best seller list, which I only hit sporadically in the Free list with my permafree book.

I have been in a bit of a slump this past couple of years. I do write--I have a computer stuffed with stories! All ready for revisions and editing. Real life and the day job have been somewhat difficult to blend into my writing world. So I have been staying involved in the writing world and forcing myself not to worry about this roller coaster book market.

One influence was the Zoe York podcasts. I decided my covers needed more of a brand. I wasn't a fanatic about it, but typography is more similar. And the model, Lol. I used the same purple star background and then added one other element that is representative of the story.

This model had some pictures surrounded by exercise equipment, a real pain to erase. The brothers in this series are lab created and the only real difference in their look is eye color--which I played with but really need a closer face shot for that to matter.

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