Sunday, August 9, 2015

Writing News

I have been in the basement. Massive cleaning, repainting, etc etc. On top of my day time job I confess my time has been swallowed up. Hubby and I are still thinking of a move to Colorado so home fix-it stuff will continue.

Since this is my life, I bought a small Chromebook, which weighs about 2 pounds, that is easy to take to work for rough drafting. It does not have Scrivener, but desperate times call for desperate measures! I can write in Google Docs and pull it up on my good-but-huge laptop at home.

On the writing front Debbie Sue and the Alien goes to my editor this month so may even release in late August. It is a novella length stand alone, but should be a fun read.

I have Salvage, my cyborg novel in rough drafts gaining strength but it won't be out until winter. The Wizard's Bride (fantasy romance) is coming along and should be ready next month for the editor. A second fantasy romance, set in the same world, Orc in Winter, will be my Christmas release. In my spare time I have played with covers--here is the one for Salvage. I really like it so doubt it will change much before publication. The woman looks just like I visualize Lirielle and the man has the right hair color. Hair color is my Big Buggaboo with stock photos!

Then a  surprise to everyone, especially me. I had a dream about a group of young soldiers in a tavern, celebrating the end of a war, and marriages and babies. Then one young man gets some of his friends into a private room and tells them he has traded all his land (an he is wealthy) for a colony ship because he doesn't believe the war is really over, and he is a target, as will be his new bride and expectant child. So the men in the room have a choice.  They can stay and enjoy a short peace that will end just about the time their children are grown, or they can come with him to a new planet.

So I pondered. Obviously a steampunk type setting, the tavern was old fashioned, as were the clothes...I've been playing with the plot and have a new Starlander Saga, set several generations prior to Starlander's Myth.

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