Sunday, August 23, 2015

SFR Sunday Share --Celstar

 I have a short story set on a colony planet called Celstar, Harvest Moons. It has sat out there all alone for a long time, but recently I've been working on another Space Frontier book set on Celstar. Actually two books.  Both books have people who have left a war torn planet named Sarganza. Only the wealthy can leave Sarganza, and the couple in the first story, Freedawn, come from wealthy aristocratic  families, and their marriage was arranged when they were eighteen. Jax' family supported the warmonger, and their side lost.

Celstar is a world with shifters immigrants, lab made humans, mysterious humanoids, and a little magic.

From Freedawn Colony:

Jax looked out the transport window and wondered where his land was. Tier Three, for  the third wave of settlers, was roughly the third circle of steadings from the center town. The steadings at this point were just a fence, a well head and a leveled building site. The third circle on the north edged along the Freedawn river, and his land was somewhere along that river line. He would be some distance from town, but with the advantage of developed services in town and less predators in the forest.
In one of the small Tier One settler's homes, or perhaps in one of the buildings for the merchants in town, was his wife.
Lilac's trail hadn't been hard to follow and at that time he had riches and power to find far more difficult information. He'd almost sent men to haul her back. But somewhere in the back of his mind was the knowledge she was safer far away from Sarganza. His father's devotion to the Usurper Scarash was doomed, and probably he was too, he thought at the time, since his fate was tied to his father’s. 
Lilac at least would live, slopping hogs in some chilly wilderness on Celstar as an agricultural immigrant. Probably marry some bear of a man and have a handful of children. Happy children, not raised in Sarganza society...That last part made him sad in a way, because he had had quite a crush on his runaway wife. But Sarganza was no place for a gentlewoman like her, no place to raise a happy family, and he was probably no kind of decent husband for her, either.

Their lives intersect with other Sarganza refugees, a large family, the Valrhysians, who were heroes on the winning side of the war.

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