Sunday, August 16, 2015

Debbie Sue and other News

Debbie Sue and the Alien, a stand alone novella set in an 1950's alien invasion, goes to the editor this week. I finally have something finished--this is a good thing. I have several projects that are truly just weeks away from publication, I just need to hop on it.

Releases in September!

Debbie Sue and her infant nephew managed to survive the initial alien invasion. Weeks later, gathering food, they are captured by Akarak, an enormous humanoid with a forked tail, sharp teeth, spikes down his back, and faceted eyes. He is huge and horrifying--until she gets to know the gentle, scholarly soul within.

This story was inspired by all the tentacle sex chatter on the internet some months ago. I started thinking of a alien...and Akarak came to mind. But despite his size and alien appearance, he has a kind and gentle personality. I enjoyed Debbie Sue's journey to love as she discovers the benevolent, lovable being inside the monster. 

He was unlike the brighter purple and red aliens she'd seen from her window weeks ago. They had been hairless, with dog faces. His face was human-like with flared a Roman nose,  though his nostrils had triangular notches in the side. High cheekbones, carved brown lips and a square jar. He had hair, dark blue-green, fashioned into locks like twisted cords, pulled back from his face in a tail tied with shiny black leather.  Eyebrows, of that same dark aqua shade. Inhuman eyes, almond shaped and faceted turquoise with no pupil, but set in human-like eye sockets with thick dark eyelashes.
His teeth. Oh my god, his teeth. Sharp and lots of them.
He wore black shiny clothes that left his arms bare. Boots came over his knees and had sharp spurs on the heels and short spiked metallic rivets near his knees. Armor. His tail was free of armor but didn’t need it. It forked at the end into two prehensile tails that seemed capable of doing harm.
“Ssssiiit,” the alien hissed.

I am working on two fantasy romances, set in a fantasy world called Everland. At least one will release before Christmas, hopefully both.

 The Apprentice' Bride: Adler's father sends him off to a Bridal Faire to bring back a bride with no political ties to their Shire. Adler is hopeless with girls and he really wants to be at school, studying. Instead of courting the young women at the balls and teas of the Faire, he rescues an abused fruit vendor from a distant land.  

Orc in Winter The Queen's Orc guards, who accompanied her from her eastern homeland, are poisoned. Only Sherrow survives, and his life is precious to the Queen, for Sherrow is an Orc by bite, not birth.  He was human as a child, cousin and playmate of the Queen. He may survive if he can drink mother's milk. Morwenna, a young widow of a Kings Guardsman and loyal to the King, with an infant, is offered an estate up north for her service to the Crown, if Sherrow survives. If only he would stop doing dangerous things, like killing ice wyverns!

Orc was inspired by more internet chatter, which involved lactation erotica. I always felt nursing was an act of abundance and healing and had a place in a sweet and sexy romance.

Both stories take place in the same 'world' as my short story Faunication, only across the Frostmere Sea.

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