Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Teaser June 2

My Tuesday Teaser today is a snippet from a later section of Debbie Sue and the Alien.

Once the ship landed, the plans the rescue teams had made were put in place, which took about a week. Trailers and tents with cots had been set up not far from the ship, with ambulances and trucks to transport the sleeping people. Close to two hundred volunteers had moved in trailers, campers and tents to make a temporary village, ready to help with waking the sleepers. Water had to be brought in from the North Platte River to a reservoir and she saw some drillers starting wells for a more permanent water supply. Road graders were busy making a road across the field to the ship.
 Military men, the Wyoming National Guard, were present, directing the trailer and tent village set ups. She saw a Vinshal Chariot flown by US service men circling the perimeter of the camp. Akarak hadn't told her they'd given fliers to the local military.

Debbie saw the LeClair sisters and joined them.
I'd love to volunteer, but with all the kids it would be impractical. Are you volunteering, Debbie Sue?”Geneva and Boneva had driven out with all their kids just to see the ship.
No. Laurie and I will keep an eye on the ranch. Every time we look there are new animals. Pigs, chickens. Draft horses. The guys fly around and find abandoned stock at ranches.”
That's good, though,” Boneva said. “It will be nice when all these people are awake, and move out to the empty farms and ranches.”

Or move home, if they are among those sleepers.” Debbie Sue said. 

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