Monday, June 22, 2015

The SFR Bridgade Summer Cafe--Androids and Aliens!

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It is Android and Alien Week 
at the SFR Brigade Cafe!

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I chose this week because my Diaspora Worlds Series has cyborgs, lab perfected humans--The Puregens-- and humanoid aliens, the Zh Cle'.

When Terrans left the Sol system for new suns, they discovered a humanoid race with lizard characteristics living in peaceful agrarian colonies. These aliens had scales, barbed tails, and some had wings for flight. As time went by, Terrans learned that Terrans and Zh Cle' could reproduce.

Technology continued to develop, and eventually some Terran colonies began not only restricting the immigration of Zh Cle' blood people to their worlds, they started perfecting their young in labs. The Zh Cle' were confined to their worlds, and not given full voting rights in the Galactic Senate. They became the underclass of the the Alliance Worlds.

Not all worlds were Alliance worlds. Some were rogue, some were enemies.   A group, The Gorvas, developed cyborg technology and turned enemy soldiers into cyborg warrior. Border skirmishes were common and the goal of the Gorvas was to get to the rich tech worlds of the Alliance.

In my series one heroine is the contract wife of a warlord. She lives in luxury with her cyborg servant--who turns out to be the son of planetary royalty. Her Cyborg Awakes

In book two (all the books can be read as stand alones) two prisoners from the high tech world Toph are chosen to play a wilderness planet survival game. Kellac is another son of the Protectorate, and he expects to be freed by diplomatic means soon. But the contest is Gema's only hope for freedom. Alien Blood

Who do the poor and helpless turn to in the future?  In book three a Starwoman with a Sanctuary on a busy commercial space hub must evacuate with all her people--with the help of a wealthy stranger who turns out to be the Heir to the Protectorate of New Prague. Starwoman's Sanctuary.

In book four we have a scientist, the youngest son of the Protectorate of New Prague who decides to marry one of the society girls his mother always hoped one of her sons would marry. But his bride has an ugly secret, and hiding with her on the southern swamp continent of New Prague is not safe at all. Escaping Poison

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