Saturday, June 13, 2015

I'm working on it!

I haven't had a new release since Christmas and am feeling the pressure! I do hope to get two things out this summer. Lots going on--some carpal tunnel that has flared up, generally for a couple weeks at a time. My day job is also on a keyboard and at this point I can't really change that. Some time consuming house stuff, but eventually we would like to sell, so that time is well spent.

Debbie Sue and the Alien 

My beta reader (who is good) suggested I lengthen the 13k novella, and I thought the advice was good. Yes, pig headed though I am, I listened to advice! Parts of the story were too rushed. I expect it to be quite a bit longer, and richer for the length. This is an Alien Invasion romance set in 1954  Casper, WY. Fun to write.

Bridal Faire

I have been expanding the short story from the free antho Love Is. The setting is a world called Everland, a place with fauns and giants, orcs, made up faun types (part gryphon people, part rabbit people, antlered deer-foot fauns...) magic, wizards, castles. I actually have several stories in this world. The short story Faunication, published years ago, is set in this world.

In the planning stage:


The next book in the Diaspora Worlds Series is also the beginning of a new Mini Series, the Cyborgs of Arden. The series involves a group of cyborgs rescued from an asteroid by Dooley a secondary character in Alien Blood, and their journey home. Am planning four books.

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