Tuesday, May 19, 2015


A snippet from Debbie Sue and the Alien, Coming June 1st! I had to push the date back because I hurt my hand but it is better now.

JUNE 1st!

Akarak flew her to town three days later. No movement in the city that Debbie Sue could see, it was so quiet. Dead. “Where did all the bodies go?”
Akarak didn't look at her as he landed his chariot in the parking lot of the hardware store. “People here and south on slave ships. Vinshal now control Poshut ships. Bring people back.”
Bring them back? How many?”
Twelve million humans. Six ships.”
Twelve million!
Hard time waking, few Vinshal. Need help first days. Not sure how many Vinshal awake at first.”
They walked into the store, Bobby on her hip. She was in shock. Could Laurie be on the slave ship?
She found seeds and other gardening supplies, a few cleaning items. There was a selection of outdoor toys, she got Bobby buckets, shovels and a metal truck big enough for him to sit on. But her thoughts were all with Laurie.
Akarak, can we stop at my house?” She needed to leave a message, just in case her sister made it home.
Akarak flew her to her house and she couldn't help the crushing disappointment when Laurie wasn't there and there were no messages. She wrote a large note and taped it to her sofa so it would be noticed right way.
'I am living with Bobby out on county road 34, on the Palmer ranch. First house from highway, turn off south on Palmer Road, large white house. 60 miles from Casper, take the road to Alcova. We are safe.'
Not that Laurie would have a car. If she was alive she was still in Denver in hiding. Or on a slave ship in space. But just in case, Debbie Sue left the note.

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