Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Teaser Tuesday #sfrgtt The alien pool.

The ship was not as she imagined, a place of gleaming metal. All the walls were covered with green plants and the interior was not metal but a dark spongy material, like soft cork. “Are all the plants for food?”
“Yes, are part of the air.”
He led her to an large panel that stood about chest high on her—waist high on Akarak. It had a glass surface. Akarak touched it and it lit up with colors and scripts.
“I must cut finger. Tiny tiny.”
She held up her hand and Akarak used a sharp tool for a tiny cut. Then he plunged the tool into a spongy circle on the edge of the panel. The board lit up with flashing colored lights. Eventually the lights formed into the shape of an oval ship. Then she could see the interior design, floors and floors of tiny rectangles. One rectangle turned orange and flashed.
“That sleeper, blood of Debbie Sue.” Akarak slid his fingers over the panel. “That ship will land here.”
Her sister would be here soon! Joy flooded her and she jumped and hugged Akarak.
“Akarak have warm pool. Debbie SSue come, share?”
He meant sex. She thought briefly of Bobby, but he would sleep a while longer, and Gara was there. “Yes.”
Akarak sleep room.He took her though rooms filled with all manner of panels and greenery to small room with a pool surrounded by plants. A large pad of the spongy stuff was attached. 
“Debbie Sue come in.” He took off his leather clothing and slid into the pool, which only came waist high on him. She took of her clothes, feeling self conscious even though Akarak was not a human man who would evaluate her figure. She walked to the pools edge and Akarak grasped her around the waist and pulled her into the warm liquid.
“This is not water. It was thick like gelatin that hadn't set yet.
Made from water and plant. Good. It was warm and silky in texture, with a bit of a sheen. 

Coming May 20th!

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