Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Teaser Tuesday! #sfrbtt


This is a snippet from a later book in my upcoming Cyborgs series. A woman from our time wakes in a strange place.

Misty Evans woke to a painfully bright light. She screwed her eyes shut and tried to think of where she was. Nothing came to her. She couldn't really think beyond how cold she was. She opened her eyes again to see she was in metal-walled room with bright over head lights. A hospital?
A white clothed figure moved into view. She tried to scream at its half metal face and blinking yellow eyes. It held a cup over her nose and all went back.
When Misty woke again she was pleasantly warm and the lighting was dim. She was in a narrow bunk built into a wall, a rather cave-like rounded bunk, metal. Her cover was warm but light and shiny in the light that ran in a strip along the wall.
Misty looked around for the metal face, but no one was in the room. It was tiny, hardly a yard of floor space between the bunk and the wall. She sat up.
“Domestic assist 27L11 at your service.” A small oval shaped machine, well lit with white lights around its rim, floated to the center of the room. The lights moved as it spoke. The voice was high pitched and mechanical.
“If you hunger or thirst proceed to the rectangle food storage unit.” The flying oval zipped through the air to a rectangle door on the opposite wall. “If you wish to use hygiene facilities, proceed to the recessed alcove.”
She hesitated. “Can you turn on the lights?”
The lights brightened. She stood up cautiously since she was weak. She must have been ill or in an accident. “Am I in a hospital?”
“No, you are in general living quarters Class D level 27 cube 11.”
“Was I in the hospital?”
“You were in Medlab Critical for one week and Medlab Recovery for two weeks.”
“What was wrong with me?”
“You were removed from an obsolete statis tube and reanimated. Your tube had been damaged and Engineering had to rig a power supply.”
None of this made any sense.“What is a stasis tube?”

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