Thursday, April 16, 2015

Plans: Diaspora Worlds miniseries Cyborgs of the Amity Fire

What I've been up to: 

I am still planning my new Diaspora Worlds miniseries Cyborgs of the Amity Fire.

My cyborgs are working their way across unfriendly space in a small spaceship. The ship is built to carry twenty four people. There is room--not spacious room-- to take passengers aboard, since traveling the distance they need to go is expensive.

The ship will have one medic on board, and since the crew can't pay much, the medic will often work for passage, getting off at the next stop.

 I decided to have a revolving door of medics, one or two per book. One medic is evil, one was trained as a medic but spent her career in a beauty salon, another is quite elderly, one is a single mom with small children, one is a cyborg in hiding accompanied by a Terran woman from not too far in our own future, rescued from a sleep tube. Some will have a romance subplot, others won't. Planning the medics has been really fun.

Kind of a tribute to Star Trek AND the Defense against the Dark Arts Professors!

Debbie Sue and the Alien is almost finished, and my fantasy romance Faire Reckoning, (the extended version of the short Bridal Faire from the Romance Diva Antho, Love Is) is coming along, too. All is slower than I expected, but such is life.

The short story Freedawn Colony suddenly morphed--more colonists arrived and then a dead body in the yard...I need to pull out the planning sheet for it now!

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