Monday, March 30, 2015

Teaser Tuesday--SFR excerpt from Freedawn Colony

I have a short spacewestern romance, Harvest Moons that takes place on a frontier agricultural world called Celstar. The settlers buy land packages that consist of prefab housing, out buildings, farm equipment, animals and seed determined to be optimal for the region of the planet where they are immigrating.

 Ryanna and Apollo were married as teenagers, a marriage planned by their parents at the beginning of a viscous civil war. Ryanna fled the marriage and the war. Some years later Apollo followed her.

From a wip, Freedawn Colony:

By nine pm Ryanna was a nervous wreck. Lochlan. She had to remember to call him Apollo now. Surely, living here on Celstar as a settler he had no contact with the rebels back home. He couldn’t drag her back to Sarganza. From the few reports she’d heard over the years, the army of the usurper had fared badly, many dead, the rest imprisoned.
How is he not in prison? His father was one of the leaders.
Apollo had no reason to return, did he? And even a family as wealthy as his couldn't afford his travel to Celstar and then travel for the both of them back to Sarganza.
The knock on her door was sharp. That was Apollo, sharp, precise, no one’s fool. Hands shaking,she let him in. “I have tea, please come sit down in the living room.”
Apollo was accompanied by a large gray dog.
“Hope you don’t mind Shadow. He gets separation anxiety if I leave him.”
“No, not at all.” Apollo has a pet? That didn’t sound like the man she knew.

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