Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sfr Group Teaser Tuesday-- Excerpt from Scavenger

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 This is an excerpt from the first in my new Diaspora Worlds mini series Cyborgs of Arden. So far the title is Scavenger.

2ln piled two power packs next to a jutting rock that would be easy to find in the harsh scenery. She glimpsed movement in the corner of her sight. Another cyborg! She jetted over and the other cyborg met her. Cyborg SS120, her data screen told her. The cyborg was large, of a heavy build.
2ln. I have moved survivors to the rock out crop near the plain where we landed. Over that ridge,” SS120 transferred the location to 2ln's data read out.
It somewhat surprised her that the voice coming from the large cyborg was high and feminine.
You found survivors? I haven't seen any yet.”
Yes. There are three, two are too damaged to help us. One other, 77kl is functional. He is over that ridge toward the base.”
How did you find them?”
Turn on your infrared. If they are alive they will show.”
2ln felt stupid, she should have thought of that.
Not used to thinking.
I collected some viable power packs.”
Good. I will soon be hitting red level. Why don't you keep collecting those and take them over the ridge to the others. I will scan the area due south of the base for survivors.”

2ln returned to the rock and jetted the packs to the location SS120 had sent to her. Two cyborgs were stretched out, unmoving on the ground. Neither spoke to her. Will they survive? Will any of us? Will the transport return? She left, looking for more power packs. Part of her still wondered if there was any point in it.

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