Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SFR Group Teaser --More from Debbie Sue and the Alien #sfrgtt

Scifi Romance Group Teaser Tuesday!

Somehow, Debbie Sue survived the Invasion--


 Debbie Sue froze in terror. The alien—he looked male to her—was huge, seven foot tall, maybe taller. His form was human-like, except for the spikes that ran down his spine, and the tail. His tail was long and thick, with lethal looking spikes and moving tentacles. She wondered if the spikes ejected poison. His skin in front was a greyish blue-green, the scales and spikes down his back were brighter. He was unlike the brighter purple aliens she'd seen from her window. His face was human shaped with flared nostrils and a wide mouth. He wore black shiny clothes that left his arms bare. His boots came over his knees and had sharp spurs on the heels. Inhuman eyes, faceted, were set in human-like eye sockets. His teeth. Oh my god, his teeth. Sharp and lots of them.
“Ssssiiit,” the alien hissed.

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