Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Scifi Romance Group Teaser Tuesday! More Debbie Sue

Debbie Sue has a chat with Akarak about current events:

Poshuts kill mate long far gone.”
Purple.” He rubbed his arm. “Purple leaders, nose.” He drew his hand out from his nose to indicate a snout. “Bad. Take Akarak world Vinshall, kill kill, much harm.” He rubbed his arms. “Blue Vinshall. Ssslaves no more. Poshuts, gone now.”
She tried to digest this. “The Poshuts killed your people, you were slaves, but now they are gone?”
Gone. Vinshall take all ships. Poshut ship slaves, many, many. Many kill, kill. Very harm. Ship Poshut world. Ssslavess. Vinshall...bring back. Vinshall own ships now.”
"But what about the Poshuts? Won't they come back and kill you?"
"Vinshall on Poshut, Vinshall on ships. Vinshall have all ships. Poshut have no Vinshall ssslaves."
"So you fought the Poshuts and won."

Coming Soon!

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