Saturday, March 7, 2015

A bit of writing etc

It has been a while since I actually blogged. I am going to try being a more faithful blogger but we will see!

On the writing front: 

New series Diaspora Worlds: Cyborgs of Arden is taking shape. I'll be posting excerpts on Sundays of the first book, tentatively titled Scavenger. Also have a handful of short SFR stories, one has an alien lover with tentacles! It is actually set in the 1950's but I am not sure how evident that is. Have a colony SFR I am currently in love with--farmers in spaaace. 

On the personal front:

I have had a few health related issues (of the Can't Breathe variety)and am working to resolve them. I have a very good pulmonologist who said on the first visit she believed I was diagnosed incorrectly six years ago(they didn't do all the right tests). She didn't think I had pulmonary sarcoidosis, but severe allergies that caused lung tissues to swell, not spasm, and that this type of asthma doesn't respond well to rescue inhalers or breathing treatments (very much part of my asthma dilemma) and is very dangerous, even deadly if there is a crisis like pneumonia. I have a history of breathing emergencies with pneumonia.

So I had an allergy test. I was allergic to every environmental item except sunflowers, Bermuda Grass and two types of molds. Allergic to every tree, weed, animal, grass, and allergic to the preservative used on the testing fluids. That came as a shock--I knew I had Hay Fever, did not know I was allergic to so many animals(guinea pigs!).

As a premmie raised in a second-hand smoke environment, I was exposed to millions of chemicals in my formative years, and I was raised in dry, cold, windy areas with oil wells, which is true of current home.

So, new plan: I gained 30 lbs while on steroids, steroids shoot my blood sugar up, pretty severe side effect. No packaged foods, organic would be best since I am chemically sensitive. Avoid GMO foods. Lose weight. Big lunch, light dinner. Exercise while seated with 5 lb weights since my bad knee makes walking difficult. After blood pressure and weight go down, and breathing improves, reconsider knee surgery. She wants me to clean with only baking soda and vinegar. Use castile soap for bathing. Avoid anything scented. Keep my cats out of the bedroom. Get rid of carpet.

She hopes the inflammation will recede before Hay Fever season hits, otherwise I may need to go back on steroids for a while. Arg.

So I have started working on all this stuff! Not much change in breathing yet, plus throat, nasal passages and ear drums are still swollen. But I have lost 5 lbs. Have a tiny bit more energy.


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