Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors:Scavenger

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This is 8 Sentences from the Diaspora Worlds Series, Cyborgs of Arden that I am developing. I'm happy to say the series planning is going well and I have started working the first book, so far titled Scavenger. This first book is the romance of two characters from Alien Blood, Dooley and 2ln.


This did not look good. Her heart rate was too high, adrenaline high, breathing rapid, according to the read out in her side vision.
Fear, this is fear. I don't want to die.
2ln moved forward on foot, slowly, trying to conserve her resources.
The base was gone, just a blackened hole in the rock. More cyborg carnage everywhere. No movement.
Just her luck she woke up only to die alone on this rock.

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