Monday, February 2, 2015

Tuesday Teaser Scifi Romance Group 2/3

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This excerpt is a snippet from a new trilogy I am planning, Starpath. Cat Shifters in Spaaace! I am still plotting but have several scenes of book one roughed out.

They left the arena on their private shuttle, but none of his band mates asked about his excitement. They would wait until they were safely aboard the Rampage, which was docked off-world on a space dock built for ships that did not enter atmosphere.

Once aboard Rohan said. “Meet me if fifteen for a meal. I have news. They all rushed to their private quarters to get out of their concert costumes, and gather ed together in the private dining room.

Rohan was already there waiting for them. He sealed the door, locking out the rest of the crew. “It is what we have been waiting for. Look at this.” He played the vid.

Daire, the band’s drummer, was the true expert in Seeder language. He moved to the front of the screen, obscuring the view for everyone else—who did not protest. Daire, short, slim, with a mop of gold ringlets and a baby face, seemed unlikely to be expert at anything, but on the cryptic Seeder language he could not be bested.

“This is real. Where is it located?” Daire’s voice throbbed with emotion.

“That I don’t know yet. The coordinates are stored on Greel, in the Department of Exploration and Immigration.
“Greel is in chaos,” Nial spoke.

“Yes,” Rohan said. “But that could be to our advantage. There are no government officials to bribe at this time, with several warring factions claiming the planet, but none actually in possession of it. Instead of bribery, we will form a team to get the information ourselves. I'll need you to research that, Breac.”

“We’ll need to know the department’s computer system.” Breac's pale blue eyes seemed to glow with excitement.

Rohan nodded. “Good. Once we know that we’ll either learn it ourselves, or find someone who’ll be willing to do the job. And men, don't mention this outside this group. This is the closet we have ever come to finding the Starpath. Let us move forward with care.”

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