Monday, February 16, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Alien Invasion WIP

More Teasers! 

With all the chatter I've run across about alien sex, dinosaur porn, bigfoot lovers etc, I had an idea for an alien romance, just for the fun of it, like 50s B Movie. This is a work in progress and wasn't something I planned to write or publish. But I really like Akarak and Billie. So far untitled. Maybe I'll title it Harm Bad!

The alien slapped himself with both arms and all his other appendages— his long spiked tail and green and yellow tentacles that grew down the center of his spine. “Akarak no harm. Harm bad.”
Harm bad. Billie nodded. She slapped herself on the chest. “Billie. No harm, harm bad.” 
Billie patted the child in her arms who stared at Akarak in fascination. “Travis no harm, harm bad.”
The alien looked at her with his faceted eyes of many colors. “Billlie. Travisssss.” He repeated. Then he pointed at the dog.
“Dog.” She patted the Chihuahua. “Scamper. No harm. Harm bad.”
“ Dog. Sssscamperr. Harm bad.”

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