Monday, February 23, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Alien Invasion WIP #sfrgtt

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This is from my tentacle porn inspired WIP, but mine is SFR, not erotica. Alien Akarak is humanoid but lizardy. Billie is in her thirties and has her one year old nephew in her care.


“Akarak work on power. Akarak eat meat.”
She nodded. “I will cook it and we can eat it for supper.”
“At sunset.”
“Return for sssuper.” Akarak left, ducking his head through the kitchen door.

Am I insane? I just invited an alien to supper, and I am cooking! 
Billie found a set of measuring cups and gave them to Travis; she didn't want him to see she was upset. He happily banged a plastic bowl with them, pleased with the new toys. Her legs felt weak. She sat down in the breakfast nook and tried to think of what she should do.
Should she try to escape? The aliens had killed millions of people!
But where would she go? How would she keep Travis safe?
This alien, Akarak, did not seem violent. She had to survive, she had to keep Travis alive. Right now it was spring, but all too soon it would be cold again, for months and months. In the past weeks she had refused to think of winter and the hardship ahead. But even if she left this ranch, how long would it take her to find a house with piles and piles of wood? And that would only be for one winter...if they survived there would have to be wood for every winter, and food.
They weren't in a city now, with a grocery store full of canned goods just a couple miles away. She wasn't sure where they were.  In the north, far away, there were mountains. Hills to the west. She might still be in Wyoming, but how fast had that alien chariot flown? They  could be in Utah  or Montana for all she knew.
There were probably stacks of mail somewhere in the house. When Travis took his nap she'd look. At least find out where this ranch was located.
Billie went back to the bread dough on the counter and continued kneading it. Making a friend of the alien seemed like a possibility. She did not think he intended to make her a slave, or kill her or Travis. He had shown no anger or violence.
She placed the dough in greased bowl and covered it with a clean tea towel. Maybe she was naive. Maybe she was a Pollyanna, trying to make the best of this. But what else could she do?

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