Monday, January 26, 2015

SFR Group Teaser Tuesday #sfrgtt

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From a WIP in my new miniseries 
Diaspora Worlds~ Under Distant Stars
Cirque Du Cyborg(working title):

She woke up wedged in a crevice. Bright flashes far away showed rough rock walls with a small opening far above. She was trapped tight against rock, hardly able to move. Muscles tense, she wiggled, wild to get free.
What if I make myself drop?
She held still. The data record of her bios showed her that her heart rate and blood pressure were far too high. Her head ached and the pain sharpened when she turned her head, but otherwise her body, and more importantly, her enviro suit, were functional.
Rest, calm down for a moment. Figure out what happened.
Nothing came to her for a moment. Panic returned. She countered it by closing her eyes and forcing slow, deep breaths.
Lirielle. My name.
The second thing she remembered was 2ln77. Her cyborg designation.
Memories did not return. How long had she been in this hole? She opened her eyes and searched the data that showed at the edge of her sight. Her weapons were offline. That was probably good, considering she was stuck in a hole.
Her clock. Mission started... six hours ago. Six hours! It was to be a fast strike, no more than an hour.
Had they left her on the asteroid?

Who would rescue a cyborg?

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