Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015, Onward!

I am looking forward to 2015. The miniseries Diaspora Worlds: Sons of the Protectorate, is complete! I will be releasing the four book collection January 10! I know it is probably better business to release 1-3 in a bundle so readers will buy bk 4 etc, but the bundle of four just seems more balanced.

Hopefully the cover will be ready next week--I am in transition of all software and files to anew(and better)laptop, so thta takes time.

After my invigorating stay in the local hospital before Christmas, only to find out I have the exact same heart condition I was born with--yay invasive tests!--I came down with a bacterial lung thing for the New Year, which I suspect I got while there. So, now I am getting back to normal from that, but I am feeling much better. Hopefully not on one of those lung crud-asthma->>steroid->>illness->>lung crud cycles.

Some of my upcoming plans: I have a number of novelettes sitting on my hard drive that I hadn't published since they were all stand alones, not part of any series. One is present day aliens in hiding--Alien Mountain. One is a space opera with a heroine who's been in a sleep tube for a couple centuries, Found In Space. Another is a near future distopian, New Wichita. I think there are a few more. Eventually I'll put them in a collection.

Moon Fairy Bride, a fantasy romance, should be out by late March. And I have new Diaspora Worlds stories in the works, too.

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