Saturday, December 27, 2014

#8sunday Escaping Poison

I am joining Weekend Writing Warriors this week with eight sentences from my new release, Escaping Poison. While this book is number four in the miniseries Sons of the Protectorate, it can be read as a stand alone.

They stayed for some time. Brielle took pictures of the pool and other glowing flowers, and the drifts of trillers moving from the plant to plant. Her own small triller, now named Lila, flew awkwardly to the plants and flocks, but constantly returned to Brielle, perching on her head like an exotic flower.

“I really thought she would leave and join the other trillers,” Brielle said later as they moved toward the flitter to leave. “She flies well enough now to feed herself.”

A thundering roar filled the air and bright, sharp light burned through the forest. Brielle screamed and Karvar pulled her down behind a tree. Debris  flew through the forest, plants and bark ripped up and thrown by the force of engine back drafts. 

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