Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Escaping Poison is coming!

Each of Karvar's brothers embarked on a wild adventure and returned with a perfect wife. Karvar waited for his own adventure and perfect wife, but the years stretched by. No adventure, no wife.  The adventure wasn't all that necessary, but he did want the wife and happy family life.

Mother always wanted one of her sons to marry into the New Prague society so he finally agreed to court a young New Prague woman of her choosing. Brielle, a  general's daughter, was stunning, sweet, well educated and mannered, and she loved her little sisters. Karvar was certain they would do very well together.

Instead of enjoying a luxurious honeymoon with his lovely new bride, Karvar and Brielle are forced to hide at an old rain forest science station on the southern continent of the planet New Prague--the Big Poison. His carefully chosen bride was supposed to spy on his family for her blackmailers, but years of forced drug addiction took its toll and she collapsed on their wedding night. 

Brielle knows their marriage is over before it even began, but she is just grateful she has a chance at a future that doesn't involved drugs and a mysterious handler. But the science station is firebombed--someone wants her dead!

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