Friday, September 19, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Her Cyborg Awakes

More Sexy Saturday Sevens!

 “This is perfect.” A hard smile, an expression she’d never seen before on Qy, flashed over his face. He dug through the clothing and yanked the bright red and blue jacket off the deceased.

“That’s Alfyt!” She suddenly recognized the head of the Harem and of the cyborgs.

“Yes. Could it be more perfect?” Qy tossed the jacket over her shoulders and she squealed.

“He died of the Strafe, not some disease, and just moments ago. And you need to cover up. That transparent dress is distracting.”

She gaped at him. Distracting?  He’d seen her naked hundreds of times.

Qy turned away, pulled off Alfyt’s arm com and inspected it. Then he grabbed Alfyt’s bags, and headed toward a spaceship that was just a few yards away.

“Come on!” He yelled at her impatiently while she just stared at him. “Alfyt has the access code!”

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