Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where they are at now--Diaspora World's Couples

I am working on Diaspora Worlds bk 4, Neon Orchid, which is the youngest brother's story. It begins with Karvar's society wedding to Brielle in which all the other brothers and families are guests. A wedding is usually the HEA for a romance couple, but sadly, Karvar and Brielle end up on the run for their lives on the  rainforest continent of New Prague, Mist. Mist produces the poisonous spores that require humans to live in protective domes. The wedding takes place seven years after the end of Starwoman's Sanctuary.

I thought it would be fun to provide an update on the couples in the other books.

Her Cyborg Awakes: Sabralia went back to school on New Prague, while having three children--all natural, no labs involved. Kaistril went back into the military as part of the planetary protection force. Later, Sabralia accepted  the position as the New Prague ambassador to Chin Chin, a luxury world, the Monaco of the Terran Alliance planets. Kaistril is now a representative for New Prague's powerful shipping and weapons export business there. They have one son, two daughters.

Alien Blood: Kellac and Gema live on Farradae not far from their old dugout. Farradae sold them a large swath of acreage. Gema raises grain to export, and they built a lodge style home near a small lake. Kellac oversees the small military base and security force New Prague sent to assist the Farradae, so they do have neighbors. They have identical twin sons with some obvious Zh Cle' characteristics--barbed tails-- known for being a bit of a handful. No plans for more children.

Starwoman's Sanctuary: Skyleen  and Kyler returned to New Prague. His mother Judith added a large suite to the palace to accommodate all the children they brought with them, and the son and daughter born on New Prague(also not lab created). Kyler went back to his position as assistant to the Protectorate until his mother stepped down and he became the Protectorate of New Prague by popular vote. Skyleen opened a Starwoman's Sanctuary  and raises funds for it as it serves the immigrant and temporary factory worker population, while functioning also as the consort to the Head of State and mother to their large family.

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