Saturday, July 5, 2014

WEWRIWA -Mud 2, Neon Orchid

Weekend Writing Warriors
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This is another snippet from the MUD scene, in Neon Orchid, my upcoming release.

“‘New Prague Mud Salp…native, not a result of Terra forming.  Gelatinous but with strong muscular fiber. Adults root in pools of mud and are territorial; once rooted a salp will fight any intruder to the death. Adults reproduce asexually, flinging buds into the forest and neighboring mud pools. Plumed salps have a fan-shaped, sticky tongue to prevent prey from escaping from their mouths, those are generally smaller and eat insects and small amphibians.’”
Brielle looked at the writhing beast. “I didn’t see a tongue.”
“No, I suspect it would fight us to the death,” Karvar said.

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