Friday, July 18, 2014

Surprise! A Release Next Weekend!

I unexpectedly got the rights back to a steampunk spacewestern novella! I was expecting the rights to revert in November so did a little preliminary work. Steampunk covers are HARD! It's hard to find couples that look Victorian  and attractive, forget about actual hair color.

WHY do I like red head and blond heroes? The stock photo options are scarce.

I like how this has turned out. My hero is dressed more formally than I would like, but other than paying for a shoot and spending thousands, I'm pretty satisfied. I did it poster-ized since the background is a painting. Showing my age, but it reminds me of the old TV show, Wild Wild West.

The book was originally title The Starlander Frontier: Starlander's Myth, which was the publisher's idea. I always thought of it as Starlander's Myth so I decided to retitle it a bit. It is a novella with supernatural and paranormal elements. And robots. Also moms and children.

Fun Fact: My hero and heroine are named Jack and Sophie. Heather Massey has a steampunk story, Steambot Rampage in the antho  Dreamspell Steampunk  Volume 1 that came out around the same time frame--and her hero and heroine were also Sophie and Jack!

Known only to the author fact: The universe in my Diaspora Worlds books and in the Starlander Frontier are the same universe, just different times. Diaspora Worlds takes place after many planets are colonized and form an Alliance. Starlander's Myth takes place much sooner, just a couple hundred years in our future.

The planet Starlander's Green, a hospitable world that is difficult to find, makes an appearance in Starwoman's Sanctuary under the name of Arden. It has changed drastically.

Evil Plan: This was supposed to be a trilogy but I held back due to the crazy issues of publishing--the novella was priced way too high. Now that it is once again in my clutches, I think I will dust off the plans I originally made.

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